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Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to Find Success in Humboldt County

How to Find Success in Humboldt County

Humboldt County is a truly beautiful region of the country. Lush forests filled with tall redwoods, friendly people, and an aura of old world charm that leaves a lasting impression. 

I have mixed feelings about the North Coast because I had such a struggle growing up there. My family was comprised of mostly felons and addicts, and I should have grown up to be in a gang or dead. 

I got lucky, despite scant resources, I moved away, managed to put myself through school using Air Force benefits and started my own success company, Blue Dragon Enterprises.

Humboldt is an economically deprived region, by definition. The median income is around $40,000. The main issue is that there is not a lot of industry or opportunities to better yourself. This was my main problem when I was living there. Now that I have learned about finding better resources, here are some programs that can help anyone living in Humboldt to create their success. 


There are specialized apprenticeship programs that help people get paid training in a new job skill. 

*These programs range from electrician, meat cutters, plumbers, and more. Here is the link:

*Here is a direct application process to the electricians union:

*This is a program to become a volunteer tax preparer, with an opportunity to become IRS certified:

*Shakefork Community Farm offers free farm training, housing, and a stipend:

*This is the link to the Carpenter's apprenticeship:

Apprenticeship Database

This is the government database for ALL apprenticeships in Northern California. Some may require a drive to Sacremento or somewhere in the Bay Area to apply, but these are well worth it.


For those of you that ever dreamed of starting your own company, but were unsure of how to do it, here are some guidelines:

1. Its EASIER than you think

2. You don't need a lot of money

3. Small business ownership can be VERY profitable as shown by this chart from

2012 Small Business Annual Sales Survey Results

I'll be honest. 

I'm not the brightest bulb ever. Forget the Phd. Persistence got me there, not some overencompassing burst of mental agility. I play video games, watch Macho Man Randy Savage DVDs and still drink Coors Light. But I have owned my own business for 5 years and its growing. I made my own website, ordered my own business cards, and continually developed my services. 

So can you. 

Here are your basic needs:

1. Define goods or services you will sell. 

Purchase off of alibaba or google wholesale distributors

If you need a RELIABLE and professional distributor that I personally use, try Ivy at She could pretty much get you anything from sequined bowling balls to Honduran dog collars. Her rates are good and shes very professional. Her catalog has over a 100,000 item and she can do branding and labeling. 

Make a price list of the services you provide

2. Get a business license. Here is the link:

3. Get a website. 
I prefer godaddy or wordpress. You can also get a free online store at 

4. Get business cards printed up. 
For cheaper ones, use, for high end, use

5. For a guide to creating your own business, THE BEST BOOK ever written on the subject is the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. Here is his blog. Trust me, GET THIS BOOK.

6. Marketing/Ads
Richard Hill is an excellent designer from New Jersey, who can make full color ads for your business. His Facebook page is here:

These are the basic components of a small business. You can run them from home, and you can deduct space in your home devoted to a home office from taxes. 


Thanks to recent technology, you can NOW SELF PUBLISH YOUR OWN BOOKS. Here is how the process works:

1. Write your manuscript in Microsoft Word.

2. Submit to 

3. Create or choose a cover (Rich Hill, mentioned above, makes AMAZING covers).

4. Promote your book. When a purchase is made, you get a quarterly check. Its THAT EASY. 

I have written seven books. It really is that easy. Take advantage of this great opportunity. 

Well, in summary, I hope this helps all of you find success, side income, and a profession that makes you happy. Remember, you can always write me at if you have questions. 

Here's to your success in 2015!!
Dr. Rob

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