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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The BEST Teen Career Article of 2015 - Share With Every Teen You Know...

Happy Sunday Blue Dragon Army! I hope your week has been amazing. I have been busy finding the best resources and content to get you the life of your dreams. This week's article is specifically geared towards teens. Both high school students and college students can benefit from this content.

I wanted to specifically talk about how things have changed between your lives and mine. Specifically, the resources available, the job market, and the opportunities that you may not even know about. This will be a little longer than my usual blog posts but I promise, it will be worth it. I only bring you $100 pieces of info. That's my promise. So let's get started.

3 Things That Adults Have Incorrectly Taught You

1. You have to go to college to make something of yourself.

This is completely ridiculous. There are literally thousands of millionaires out there that never went to college because they didn't need it. They started their own businesses, worked hard, and achieved the American Dream. Now let me clarify, a college degree will increase your earning potential, but only certain ones. A liberal arts degree or Russian history won't hold a lot of value unless your life goal is to teach liberal arts or Russian history. The highest return on investment for degrees are Engineering, Mathematics, Nursing, Chemistry, Finance, and Computer Science. I am not saying to avoid college, I am saying that there are plenty of opportunities out there to make a lot of money if you choose to not go. 

There are also so many free programs out there to train you in a vocational skill, that college isn't always your best option. Go on my website at and download my FREE book Utopia, to learn more. 

2. Only adults can write a book, start a company, or get in really good shape.

Don't ever let your age be a limiting factor in your goals. I taught high school freshmen and I turned to them all the time for computer help and some math stuff. Just because you are young doesn't mean you can't learn and achieve just like adults. Here are the steps for the three things listed:

Write a Book

Get a piece of paper, write down your chapter ideas, develop your content, look at similar books for design ideas, and upload when finished to Its free. Then when people buy it, you get a check. Pretty cool, huh?

Start a Company

You need a business license (about 25 bucks, google it and your town), a website (wordpress or godaddy) and some business cards (vistaprint). Congrats, you're a CEO. You know what's awesome about owning your own company? THERE IS NO SALARY CAP. Your parents get a certain amount that they are paid, when you have your own company, your sales are determined by YOU. Google teen entrepreneurs to see exactly how some enterprising teens have created million dollar companies. My book for teens, Teen Juggernaut, also talks about opportunities for teens. Its also on my website for free. 

Get in Really Good Shape

Don't eat fast food or frozen food. Have veggies and brown rice with every meal. Cut down on sugar. Have a regular exercise regimen or activity you can do a minimum of three times a week. Remember that every item you eat with flour will increase your weight, increase your chance of diabetes and is hard for your body to digest. 

3. You have to be a certain age to accomplish huge goals.

All you need to make your goals come true is a plan, a list of resources, and smart people that will help you. You have access to the smartest people on Earth using the internet. Don't let your fears or shyness keep you from making a plan and being awesome. 

Jaylen Bledsoe was 13 and founded a company that went on to be valued at 3.5 million dollars.

Hart Main started a candle company at 13 and made it into Fast Company magazine. He has been featured in several news outlets.

Farrah Grey started his first company at age 7 and was a millionaire by 21. 

Zora Ball created a mobile video game age 7. 

My entire life has been about taking chances and doing the things I have always wanted to do. I started a skateboard company, a clothing line, wrote seven books, and love helping others reach their dreams. START YOUR DREAMS TODAY. Trust me. 

3 Amazing Resources For Teens

1. - Lulu is a self publishing site that lets you create your own books, upload your own cover, or choose one of theirs, and then when people buy them, you get a check in the mail!! It really is this easy. Think about it, you no longer have to deal with publishing companies, or collect rejection letters. 

2. Stanford's Income Based Tuition - I just read this last week. Stanford, one of the most prestigious schools in America, has recently offered free tuition if a student's parents make less than $125000 a year and free room and board if it is less than $65,000. This is a huge opportunity for low income students to get a free, high quality education.

3. The Federal Gov Apprenticeship Database - For those that would prefer to learn a high tech skill that pays well, the Dept of Labor has every paid apprenticeship program listed by state! You can look up any career field that interests you and start getting paid as soon as you are accepted. Regular raises and plenty of job opportunities. The link is here:

3 Little Known Careers That Pay Well

UAVs, drones, unmanned aircraft, whatever you call them, are the future. We will need people to fly them, fix them, and create operator and maintenance manuals for them. As you can see from this chart at, UAVs are going to be a big part of American life. 

Here are the three careers that are worth looking into:

1. Technical Writer - Usually has a Bachelor's degree in English or Journalism, or military experience related to Aviation or machinery. Tech writers make between $24-$46 an hour depending on experience. They create the manuals used by maintainers or operators of UAVs.

2. UAV mechanical technician - This is a high paying job that will always be in demand. You can get an entry level position with an Associate's in Electronics or a military background. The pay is between $14-$30 an hour depending on experience. UAV mech techs install electronic components, troubleshoot mechanical issues, and use electronic equipment to make sure the UAVs are working properly. They are also known as FSRs (Field Service Reps) if you are job searching.

3. Enlisted Sensor Operator - This is a very coveted position. An enlisted Airman, Soldier, or Sailor runs the sensors that are used in a UAV for weather and flying conditions. Usually military trained, this position pays roughly  $80,000 on the civilian side. 

Dr. Rob's Final Advice For the Week

Thanks for reading this. For those of you that don't know me, I grew up in a low income household and failed out of high school and two colleges to go on to earn 6 degrees including a PhD. I am a professional life coach in San Diego and love what I do. 

You are at an important time in your life, focus on finding a field that you love. Don't worry about the Kardashians, reality TV, Angry Birds, or Facebook. Concentrate on creating an amazing life for yourself, and always try to help others. Remember that no one owes you anything, and hard work DOES pay off. 

I am always available if you have life questions. Never forget:


Dr. Rob

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