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Friday, December 18, 2015

Superhuman Learning...A Guide to Access It

Happy Friday Blue Dragon Readers! I hope you have been productive and working hard. Today's blog is going to be on Superhuman Learning....yes it exists, and yes it can be accessed.

I can already hear some of you, "Does this involve crystals, man?"

"Hey maaaaan, tonight we will dance with the
pagans in Old Man Bernstein's pasture"
I am happy to say, no Moonbeam, it involves several techniques that are proven and easy to implement. Let's talk about fast learning and why it's important. Fast learners outwork their peers, can accomplish things in a much faster time and can power through goals quickly to have high rates of productivity. How do I know all this?

I come from a low income background. Everyone in my family is on drugs or in jail. My 9th grade report card was Ds and Fs. At 17, I was about to join a gang. I had zero hope and was headed to jail or a minimum wage life.

Today I have been on TV, radio, and podcasts. I have published  7 books, and used certain techniques to DESTROY my previous productivity roadblocks. I am living proof that these techniques are effective, easy to use, and affordable.

These techniques can be used for many things, here are a few suggestions:

*learning a language fast

*improving athletic performance

*expanding your business

*learning an unfamiliar technique (for me, I recently learned to reprogram DOS to play my favorite old school video game Ultima plus I learned about how to use sales funnels)

*improving job or military performance

*writing academic papers at BLAZING speed

*becoming better at dating

Evidence of Comprehension
So lets talk about what our goals are for superhuman learning and work backwards. A person that is proficient in these techniques will have three things:

1. Elevated comprehension - they can explain their chosen subject using unique terminology. They can make a diagram from memory explaining the process and they can instruct a group about the technique

2. They will possess a demonstrate-able method of application. All this means is that they will be able to play an instrument, recite poetry, do an equation or show off a new dance. They just need a medium of delivery

3. They have an experience either reciting, performing or otherwise LIVING the skill they learned. Life experience is a great way to build confidence at something.

The Neutropic Factor
The first thing I would suggest is the introduction of neutropics into your life. These safe and affordable drugs are healthy, effective and have clinical research supporting their effectiveness.

Alphabrain is the best neutropic I have found so far. It reduces brain fog and helps me access high order thought. Its REALLY good before a run. You can get it at a discount here:

I have identified 15 methods of fast learning techniques that can be used to quickly close your learning curve at a new endeavor. Guess what I found out?

They can stack.

Why is this important? Because by using a few techniques to learn the same thing, your level of learning multiplies.

Think of this burger as one medium of learning, like reading a book:

Now this is what a multiple stack of learning looks like:

So what are some of the actions you can take that support the 15 techniques?

*draw a diagram

*find an expert

*ask questions to yourself about how you view mastery of the topic

*pattern after someone in that field

Another technique that people are swearing by? Scented oil or candles. No really. There are even studies showing increased comprehension in children by using scents during learning time: scents in adolescent learning

So bust out that yankee candle, buy some peppermint oil and you are on your way!

Now that we have discussed stacks and actions, what if I told you that a new exciting product has just been completed that not only explains 4 of the 15 techniques, but also shows a real life example? My newest module, How to Speed Learn ANYTHING is the FASTEST way to learn these techniques and isolate your highest state of learning.

If you are ready to accelerate your learning, this is your best way of doing it:

Click to Purchase How to Speed Learn Anything Module

This is Blue Dragon University's newest online module. If you're serious about superhuman learning, this module can be your express ticket to mastery.

Well learners, that's it for this week. I hope this was a good entry into the world of high tier thinking. Remember to subscribe at the top, if you like the post, share it.

Dr. Rob

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  1. If we consumed words like America consumed burgers we would be 10x smarter. Good stuff.