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Sunday, February 28, 2016

4 Tactics That GREATLY Improved My Company

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It's the ceiling that gets me. Every time. 

I take a nap around 2pm every day. Since I usually wake up at 3-430am daily, I need a mid day power nap to recharge. When I wake up, this is what I see:

I smile every time. You know why? Because the same three thoughts enter my head:

1. Rob, you live in a cool apartment in a great part of town. No more wolf cot, no more dark studio.

2. You are done with your Ed.D, DOCTOR. 

3. You are your own boss. 

Seriously, for 7 years, I lived in a tiny studio. From age 30-37. I BARELY remember any of it because it was doctoral research, reserves, day job, sleep on wolf cot, repeat. 
"Do not envy my decadence"

Once I moved, I started developing business tactics that DRASTICALLY improved my life coaching company and helped me to evolve. I'd like to share my best four to help you in your journey. 

1. Learn to court influencers and offer a 3:1 value ratio

An influencer is someone that can create serious waves for you. They either have a major media platform, thousands of social media contacts, are well known in business, or have some type of high value "hook." Reach out to them and offer to promote them, ask for mentorship, or have an offer of value. Remember, they DO NOT need you, so be interesting and focus on the giving, not the taking, Greedo.
"Not so fast, Solo, Jabba wants ALL your Facebook friends"

2. Celebrate Your Friends/A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

If you are lucky enough to have an inner circle as I do, focus on THEM first. Every week, I try and do something that directly helps my team. I pay attention if they are having a bad day and I write them internal memos that remind them how awesome they are. In return, they promote our group project, reach out to me, recommend people to me for business, and we all share the wealth as our businesses grow. 

3. Develop Resources

There are SO many tools out there that can shave off HOURS off your schedule. Hootsuite lets you auto-post to your social media. Canva helps you create graphic design related material. Skype can help you coach clients even overseas. Youtube, Blogger and Lulu help you create material so that you can sell content online. Get in the habit of exploring and cataloging whats out there. The more resources you can offer clients, the better you look. 

4. Develop a Fitness/Nutrition Plan

This one is crucial. Fitness will help you have better moods, raise your self esteem and give you a better quality of life. If you exercise a few times a week, cut down on flour and processed foods while eating more veggies and proteins, you will see HUGE changes. Take it to another level and start intermittent fasting (only eating 8 hours in a day) and REALLY see drastic change. 

That about wraps it up for this week, guys, have a great week and get hustling.



  1. Congratulations Dr. Bob! Looking forward to more inspiring stories.
    Karen, The Journey Girl

    1. Thanks for the kind words Karen, let me know if I can help you with anything - Dr. Rob