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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Being Nice is the New MBA

I had a huge shift in my business a few months ago. It wasn’t anything difficult or groundbreaking. In fact, it was rather easy and started yielding HUGE results. My friends on Facebook noticed immediately.

“Are you on Prozac?”

“I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up”

“This is who you always should have been”

All I did was get a “Degree in Nice.”

Taking a cue from a few friends, I modified behaviors and focused on helping others.

*I stopped venting on Facebook

*I stopped posting divisive things that isolate people into groups. No more memes about pit bulls, gun control, politics, Monsanto, religion, or gay rights.

*Started showcasing my friends and recommending them to people that would hire them

*Reduced my online profanity by 95%

People that hadn’t contacted me in YEARS started quietly sending messages supporting this new me. Business owners started recommending me to clients. I got invited to podcasts and FB business groups.

We have forgotten the fundamental qualities of being nice and selfless. It took three people to bring me back. I want to publicly thank them. They pulled me back from a dark precipice and let the real Dr. Rob out. The guy that smiles at people during his morning run. The guy that pets cats and waves at kids. The guy that sees someone struggling to lift something into their car and helps them. That’s the guy I like being.

Lewis Howes is the host of the School of Greatness podcast. He is a bestselling author and makes his living helping people and connecting them. When he is not interviewing celebrities, he gets involved in companies like Pencils of Promise and travels to places like Ghana to help build schools for impoverished children. He is the epitome of nice and the kind of guy that you want as a friend.

Dennis Langlais is the host of Five Minute Bark, a video podcast in La Jolla, California. He is a former professional BMX rider turned media giant and gives hundreds of hours a year helping to promote others. He uses his high aptitude video skills to help other people reach their dreams and is a top level connector. The great thing about Dennis is that he will IMMEDIATELY help you and never ask for payment, he just does it to see you succeed. He is the epitome of selfless and I am grateful for meeting him. You can find him at

Steve Simeone is a comedian that has been referred to as “The Nicest Guy in Hollywood.” I have met Steve three times in person and this is definitely an understatement. Steve is generous, has traveled overseas to entertain the troops. raises blood for hospitals and reaches out to sick children. Steve GENUINELY loves everyone in his life and his podcast, “Good Times With Steve Simeone” takes you back to the good memories of childhood, funny relatives, and the dynamics of hilarious family interaction. I cannot recommend it enough. You can find Steve at

In closing, I just wanted to say thank you guys for teaching me far more about succeeding in business than I learned from a graduate degree. Being nice is already paying huge rewards and I can’t thank you three enough.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

3 GREAT Things We Can Learn From Prince

We lost an icon today. Prince was one of the most talented and versatile performers in musical history. He was literally at the level of Madonna, Springsteen or Michael Jackson.

If you tried to explain Prince to someone in 1984, it was just, well..................different.

"Yeah, he's a short black man dressed in white ruffled pirate shirts, a purple crushed velvet jacket and high heeled boots riding a purple motorcycle around Minneapolis.............and playing rock."

The universal appeal of Prince was that he represented all of us that felt alienated by society. Purple Rain hit SUCH a chord with most people because it was about his struggle as a musician while enduring an abusive family situation and resistance from everyone around him.

As his fame grew, he changed his look, he evolved, but he was still in essence, the same guy we all loved and adored. A musical genius that never got too arrogant, that still LOVED performing and reaching out to fans.

Here are three things I LOVED about Prince.

1. He Walked His Own Path

Prince never let the opinions of others sway what he was going to do. He set out to write sexy, intriguing music that captivated people. He took huge risks including changing his name and leaving a major record label. He never doubted himself because he realized a fundamental truth. His true fans would follow him NO MATTER WHAT. The critics would complain as usual, and Prince would just ride his motorcycle up Sunset laughing in the wind. 

2. He EMBRACED His Creativity

Prince experimented with many musical sounds. "Let's Go Crazy" sounds VERY different from "7."
Prince wasn't scared to write songs about deep intense love and passion and ballads then turn around and write something SHOCKING like "P Control" or a party jam like "1999."

3. He Kept His Humility

I have to be really honest. I never met Prince. But I heard plenty of stories. He would embrace his Jehovah's Witness roots and go door knocking to try and save others. He would show up in a dimly lit club unannounced in Hollywood and play for hours. He would have meaningful and deep conversations with fans. He kept it together and despite being larger than life, never became arrogant or brash. 

I loved Prince. I always will. Because he's a part of all of us. We will always have Purple Rain, his amazing albums and some very odd posters. We should all try and emulate him by being bold, by taking chances and going out of our way to be..................... abundant.

Thanks guys, do me a favor and share this post if you love Prince. Let's keep his memory alive.

Dr. Rob. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

*Bullying* A Tribute to Evan Ziemniak. Warning: Language Alert

I read tonight about a story that broke my heart. 12 year old Evan Ziemniak hung himself after months of bullying. His family reported these incidents and school officials did little to nothing to deter it.

I see a lot of myself in this young man. I was subject to years of bullying and a lot more harassment than most kids are subject to. I wanted to take my own life in 9th grade often because EVERY. SINGLE. DAY there was a group of people waiting to make fun of me or treat me like garbage.

I had a rough family. I didn't have a lot of money growing up. 90% of my family members were drug addicts or alcoholics. It wasn't a fun time.

I wish I could talk to Evan, to tell him that it gets better. I wish I could give him a hug and reassure him that one day, he's going to grow up and lift weights and no one will DARE harass him. That he would go to college and those assholes, those cowards will get what they deserve, because LIFE catches up to people. 

I grew up. I lifted weights. I took martial arts. I became a teacher and I protected my kids. When I saw bullying in my class, Mr Garcia would have a very direct and very unpleasant convo, explaining in great detail what a weekend surprise home visit would be like.

I wrote a teen book called Teen Juggernaut and included a chapter on bullying and how to deal with it. I made it free online here:

But its not enough. Because this shit still is happening. 

Evan, you were a great kid. You were probably just like me, quiet, polite, and didn't want to bother anyone, just finish school with some awkwardness and see what the future held. I read that you liked 
collecting coins and you had pet rabbits and cats. 

But that's what bullies do. They find quiet kids that cant defend themselves. They act in a revolting and cowardly fashion. I would give anything ANYTHING to catch someone doing this to you. To catch them harassing you on the bus. I wish I could have been your big brother Evan. Because you had a big heart. You had a lot of spirit. I'm writing this with tears in my eyes, because you were so close to my own life. I'm sorry for your pain, I'm sorry that there are bad people out there. 

And I'm sorry that you suffered alone. But you'll never be truly gone. We will remember you. And Amanda Todd. And every teen that decided they couldn't take the pain anymore. 

I'll keep speaking in schools, Ill keep writing and Ill keep mentoring. I'll do it for kids out there, just like you. That need my help. Your story really moved me. And I hope you're at peace.